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Custom development

The software development team of NanJing Auskey Software Service CO,. Ltd provides a fully functional custom development services defined by users. That means we can develop fully comply with your request of software. The software can perfectly fit for your business. I believe the software is much more better than any similar product you choose in the market. Customizing the system not only can let your security to the next level, improve your corporate image, at the same time can combine with your any current system. It’s good for your unified management.

Computer Software Customized Items
1.Please customize requirements into documentation and send the documentation to the marketing personnel of our company
2. After receiving the document, our company will estimate the function of the degree of development, the work time and the cost according to the document. Then we will feedback the result to you. If you have different opinions of the results, you can communicate with our salesman.
3.After reaching an agreement in time and costs, the two sides signed the agreement of the custom which can be delivered by E-mail, fax or traditional mail.
4. After signing the agreement, you need to pay related fees according to the agreement. In principle, our company starts the custom development work after all custom corresponding fees paid by our customers.
5. After receiving the corresponding payment under this agreement, our company will arrange our staff to finish corresponding development work in the Working hours as agreed upon by both parties.(If due to the factors other than force majeure fails to finish the work, we promise a full refund.). After completing the development, our company will arrange the corresponding testing work. After both parties confirming the custom products, we will help our customers to put into use the custom products.

Mobile Phone Software Customized Items
We also provide professional mobile phone software development service and tablet software, mobile phone software customization service.
1.The customer should detail the software functions, operation platform and make the related information into document.
2.The mobile phone software development is mainly focused on apple IOS platform, Android platform and Winphone platform. Different platform developments require different price.
3.When our marketing staff receiving the relevant software requirements, they will arrange the document to the technical department. Later they will reply to the customers about the related development cycle and the development costs.
4.After deep communication between both parties, they will sign the contract and then begin to develop.
5.The customer pay the balance payment after the acceptance inspection.

The following objectives need to be achieved in the software framework design.:
(7)Customer Experience
(8)Time to Market

Software Development Flow Chart

Software Testing

NanJing Auskey Software Service CO,. Ltd provide flexible testing solutions, break through the mode of a single human outsourcing. It combines the tools, consulting and training. On the premise of guarantee the project quality, it reduces the project cost and project risk to supply the customers the real effective test outsourcing solutions.

UI testing

√ esign

√ connector

√ color

√ text

UE testing

√ comfort

√ function

√ logic

W Model

Big Data & Cloud

Demand oriented, based on the data algorithm, fast response to the industry demand. NanJing Auskey Software Service CO,. Ltd has the financial background, enterprise service and the Internet technology. It advocates the breakthrough in technology with productivity and upgrade the industry service with the big data solutions.

Our Application Service

One-stop Data Processing Platform

Smart Home & Smart City

Online Payment Platform

APP Development

As the best partner of enterprise mobile strategy, APP has become the enterprises indispensable logo in this era. Both as a new carrier for propaganda and precise marketing channel, the APP has become the best delivery tools of strong functions, low cost, variety. It also realize the adoption of mobile marketing.

E-commerce APP
Mobile e-commerce is the e-commerce which is to use the mobile phones, PDA and other wireless terminals for B2B, B2C or C2C. It perfectly combines the Internet, mobile communication technology, short distance communication technology and other information processing technology. People can have all kinds of commercial activities at any time and any space. They can have online shopping and trading, online electronic payment and a variety of trading activities, financial activities and related comprehensive service activities, etc.

Social Contact APP
Social contact refers to the functions of social applications through the mobile network which takes the mobile phones, tablets as the carrier. In accordance with the metered data, it based on on-line identification users. Mobile social contact don’t include phone calls, text messaging and other communication business. Compared with the traditional PC social contact, the mobile social contact has the features such as human-computer interaction, real-time scene. It allows users to create and share content at anytime and anywhere. Besides , it lets the network farthest serve people’s real life farthest.

Smart hardware APP
Through the combination of hardware and software, modify the traditional equipment then let it have the function of intelligence. The transformation objects may be electric devices, such as watches, TV and other electric equipment. They may also be the no electric equipment, such as door locks, teacup, cars and even houses. After intelligence, the hardware may have the connect ability and realize the Internet service load which is to form the “cloud+ end”typical architecture, with the extra value of the large data.

Store display APP
NanJing Auskey Software Service CO,. Ltd sets up own mobile application(APP) for exhibition organizers. They provide the exhibitors and visitors a personal phone booth assistant to provide customers with more convenient exhibition service. In addition, the exhibition organizers can take advantage of China’s wireless for phone promotion, advertising and get advertising revenue.

Mobile Game Development

NanJing Auskey Software Service CO,. Ltd is a high-tech software technology company which mainly focus on mobile game development, custom software development, sales and operation support. The core technical personnel have more than 5 years of professional experience in mobile game development. Their development speed is in the first-class in our country. They can be customized according to customer's requirements game products and services. Since its establishment, we aims at the first-class technology and service. Besides, we are always in a state of high-speed and steady situation. Inn the aspect of sales, our marketing staff have the experience of managing domestic famous mobile games successfully. They have the profound understanding of the whole mobile game market. Besides, they have the strong market resources.

UI Design

We get a group of UI design professionals who are specializing in both mobile based and web page UI design. The key focus on our UI design is user experience and we aim to make it easy to understand. Our design philosophy is to make complex things simple to use and provide users with happy experience. User reliability is the motivation for us to create more.
Our final goal is to make your product easy to use and can offer happy experiences to its users. It’s also in line with our corporate culture which focuses on speed, professionalization, service and growth. Our professional design team consists of three main parts: user research, interactive design and visual design. With high quality product, rich design experience and understanding of customer needs, we believe that we can help you go further.
By clearly understanding customer needs, Auskey helps companies to define their products better and more specific.

User Positioning
Understand and describe target audiences ‘attributes like group, social status and willingness to purchase etc. in order to provide any possible guidance for the product’s vertical marketing.

User Satisfaction Research
According to the user satisfaction scale statistics towards the product, we can better analyze the possible direct factors that cause user dis-/satisfacation.

Requirement Insights
Look through user consuming habits, attitudes and needs for exploring their functional and emotional consumption expectation.

Product Concept Innovation
Product planning and designing are all based on customer requirements which leads to further creation of the product concept.
We are rich experienced in a variety of industries like automobile, real estate, hotel, medical services, education, social media, E-business and so on. We can also carry out secondary development of the operating systems, tools and online chat platforms.

Core Competence

Focused on Securing Automobiles
Promote car connectivity without compromising on safety, security & privacy Prevent costly and massive cyber-recalls Decades of experience in cyber security across multiple disciplines and regions
Fluent in multiple automotive architectures, protocols, standards and use cases
Making a cyber safer design
Industry s best team (employees, leadership, investors, advisors)

How to serve the OEMS?

Possible Risk


Auskey Solution Suite Characteristics

◆ Software-only
◆ Modular -pick and choose products across suites
◆ Works With or Without Connectivity
→ Real time, independent of the cloud
→ Benefits from other Auskey products for optimal protection
→ Data from all components fused into one event in the cloud

Drive Home Cyber-Safe